Shocpro Football Scholarship

At, we understand the financial hardship that students have to go through. We want to help students with their tuition fees, and other study materials. This is why we created this scholarship.

Name of Scholarship: shocpro American Football Scholarship

Value: $1,000

Deadline: This is an annual scholarship which means we give out scholarship every year.

Applications are open on 7th of January and the deadline for this year is on 7th December 2017

Who is Eligible?

As long as you are a current high school student, college and university student and adult learner from the US, UK, Canada and Australia, you are eligible to apply for this scholarship. There is no cost to apply.

About This Scholarship

This scholarship is a video contest.

The topic of this year is “The Top 5 Football Gear and Equipment That Every Professional Football Player Needs


  • In the video, talk about the top 5 types of football gear that you think every player should have. (Hint: talk about their features and benefits and why players need to wear them.)
  • The length of the video should be at least 10 minutes.
  • Be creative, captivating and inspirational
  • The video content must be 100% original
  • You can either record yourself in the video or you can use other method of your choice to deliver your message (Example: animated video)

How To Apply

You must read and understand the above requirements carefully. Only one submission is permitted per student.

All applications must be sent to: support (at) before December 7th, 2017 with the title “Scholarship Video Contest Application”.

In your email, you must include the following:

  • Your full name and your educational institution (name of school/university/college)
  • Your contact details (phone and email)
  • Any valid document issued by your institution to prove that you are a current student.
  • Your video download link so we can download and review your video. (You can use services like Dropbox)
  • Explain to us what this scholarship means to you and what you will do with it.

The winner will be notified personally via email by December 17, 2017. Once we verify your details, a $1,000 check will be sent directly to your address. The winning video will be used by us for marketing purpose.

Remember: Your privacy is extremely important to us. We will not share any private information. Your information will be used for the sole purpose of this scholarship program.

Any question regards to this scholarship, feel free to email us at: support (at) with the title “Scholarship questions”.

Why us

We are passionate about helping people through our service. helps football players to find the best reviews and roundups of important football protective gear such as visor, gloves, helmet, facemask, girdle, back plate, rib protector, shoulder pad, knee pad and so much more.