Top Football Back Plates For Youth and Adults Reviews

Best Football BackPlates For Youth & Adults Reviews and Ratings

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To ensure that you are fully prepared for any game as a player, you should make sure that all your body parts are covered using the right protective gear. Protective gear such as football back plate plays a huge role in absorbing impact arising from violent contact of the body with other players. No single player ever dreams of getting off the gridiron limping with pain.

Like all other protective equipment for football, a quality backplate is an indispensable item for all players. A great back plate ensures that you are protected and that you can still perform without it bogging you down.

Football backplates can easily be attached to a majority of shoulder pads and they protect the spine, lower back and kidneys of a player from injury by reducing the impact received from hits on the back. Back plates are designed for adults, teens, younger players and are lightweight, easy to remove and not bulky. Some players also prefer custom football back plates. That said, below is a review of the best back plates in the market.

Top Football Back Plates For Youth and Adults Reviews

#1. Gear Pro-Tec Z-Cool Varsity Back Plate

Gear Pro-Tec Z-Cool Varsity Back Plate

Starting us off is the incredible Gear Pro-Tec Z-Cool Varsity Back Plate. The best feature of this back plate is the Z-COOL system for moisture transfer. This moisture transfer system has proven to have the ability to provide adequate ventilation and circulation of air to the player and also does a great job of wicking away sweat to keep the wearer both cool and dry throughout the games. The foam system contained therein this back plate is a 3D Airflow system does a great job evaporating the sweat in a bid to improve this back plate’s comfort.

The interior of this back plate has been built out of vented reinforced plastic which not only makes this a very comfortable back plate but one that is very lightweight when you are to stay in the game for long and require adequate protection. The back plate doesn’t arrive with grommets but there are attachments provided to lower it or raise all depending on the height of a player’s torso. This back plate has also been coupled with an amazing rib protector and it will allow a player to stay as long as he wishes to in the game with all the protection he needs from all sides.

The pros

  • Protect a player from all sides.
  • It’s a very comfortable and lightweight football back plate.
  • It arrives having adjustable straps to use in adjustment of height according to needs.
  • Offers the wearer awesome ventilation and air circulation.

The cons

  • It doesn’t come having grommets

#2. Gear Pro-Tec RAZOR Back Plate

Gear Pro-Tec RAZOR Football Back Plate

This is another product from the same company as our previous back plate which performs a great job of protecting a person’s lower back. You should note however that this back pate is smaller and is made for players who need narrower protection. This is a quality back plate featuring some of the industry’s cutting edge technologies found in other products from the company.

The side panels of this back plate are made from HEX foam and this works in conjunction with the SAS TEC foam meant for the spine so as to provide unrivalled protection while it’s exterior that is corrugated gives it more strength. This means that you when you purchase this back plate you have yourself a very durable product that will protect and serve you for a longer time.

An amazing feature coming with this back plate are the T nut and attachments for screws which make it easier attaching it to a number of shoulder pads found in the market.

The pros

  • It has a corrugated exterior for added strength.
  • This is a flexible and lightweight football back plate.
  • Comes with the T-nut and screw attachment system that is universal.
  • The player is kept cool and dry by the side panels made of compressed Hex Foam.

The cons

  • It is a smaller sized football back plate.

#3. Schutt Sports Air Maxx Back Plate

Schutt Sports Air Maxx Back Plate

Schutt has never disappointed with any of their products and the Schutt Sports Air Maxx Back Plate is not an exception. The first thing anyone with this back plate can attest to is the fact that this a very light and comfortable back plate. It is pretty much very easy wearing and playing in this product for a longer period of time without it bogging you down.

It also fits perfectly underneath the uniform jersey which has given it a good reputation amongst players. On top of that, this football back plate features awesome ventilation and has adequate circulation of air to make sure that the player is cool and dry in games.

This back plate arrives having a number of attachments that can be used to attach it to a number shoulder pads. This attachments give a player the allowance of wearing it both low and high depending on their torso’s height. This is a back plate meant for varsity level and its inbuilt ruggedness has been proven to withstand big impacts received by the player.

This is an impressive back plate coming with the one size fits it all unless the person in question has a very wide back. It is available in a variety of colours and you are at the liberty of picking one to match your team colours.

The cons

  • Rugged which give it the ability of withstanding big impacts encountered.
  • Comes with a number of attachments for a number of shoulder pads.
  • It’s a light and very comfortable back plate.
  • Has adequate ventilation to keep the player cool and dry during games.
  • Available in many colours.

The cons

  • Not meant for people having a very wide back.

#4. Douglas SP Series Removable Football Back Plate – 4 Inch

Douglas SP Series Removable Football Back Plate - 4 Inch

The Douglas SP Series Removable Football Back Plate has gained a good reputation for offering quality lower back protection to players who need to keep the vulnerable blind sides safe from dangerous impacts.

This back plate contains added grommets which allow a player to lower or raise it so as to attain a comfortable position. This an amazing back plate that does a great job protecting the player’s lower back, kidneys and spines from punishing hits.

#5. EvoShield Youth Shoulder Pad Back Plate

EvoShield Youth Football Shoulder Pad Back Plate

This is great back plate coming with a slightly different shape as compared to other back plates but it’s a design primarily meant to provide protection to the spine. This is a very comfortable back plate for the wearer although much can’t be said about the ventilation. You may easily find an issue if you are the kind of player who does sweat a lot or if the other accessories you have lack adequate breathability.

Nonetheless, this back plate proves to be to suffice a player when use in conjunction with a quality rib protector. It does an impressive job in impact absorption ensuring that a player remains safe throughout the game. It arrives with added grommets that can be used by a player to attach to their shoulder pads depending on the torso’s height. It can easily be attached to a number of shoulder pads which is awesome considering the fact that each player has his own preference of shoulder pads.

This is a light back plate offering adequate protection on the gridiron with the only issue maybe being ventilation.

The pros

  • Has good breathability.
  • It’s light and comfortable.
  • You can attach it to a number of shoulder pads.
  • Does an amazing job in protection of the spine.

The cons

  • Its primary focus is on the spine and back protection might not be as other back plates.
  • Ventilation is a little issue with this back plate.

#6. Schutt Sports Men’s Air Maxx Tpu Protective Back Plate

Schutt Sports Men's Football Air Maxx Tpu Protective Back Plate

This is another incredible back plate that we are reviewing today. One of the main reasons that makes this a very special piece of equipment is due to the fact that it is designed using the TPU system of cushioning which is an advanced technology which has been used to replace the traditional padding design of foam in conventional back plates. This being said, the back plate has proven to have the ability to offer maximum protection to a player’s back whilst being able to accord him comfort and breathability.

#7. Douglas DP Series Removable Back Plate 4 inch

Douglas DP Series Removable Football Back Plate - 4 Inch

Despite the relatively low profile status of this back plate, you will be surprised at what it has to offer. It’s a relatively unknown back plate which is reason as to why a number of people haven’t got the chance of enjoying all the quality features that it poses, especially in regard to protection.

To begin with, this product doesn’t disappoint in terms of weight, you will come to find out that this is one of the lightest and most comfortable back plates out there. In addition to that, this back plate fits perfectly underneath the jerseys, which is a huge plus for many players out there.

When we move further ahead, you will come to realize that this back plate arrives having grommets which give players the allowance to raise or lower it to their preferences and this is in a bid to have it in the correct height. This back plate has been made in such a way that it’s easy attaching it to a number of shoulder plates but it’s especially exceptional with the Douglas DP shoulder pad.

Despite the fact that its back isn’t as raised as a number of back plates, it still is able to offer a player adequate protection from impact from hits.

The pros

  • It’s a well-ventilated back plate.
  • It comes having spare grommets which give a player the allowance of raising or lowering it.
  • It can easily be attached to any brand of shoulder pads
  • It’s very light and comfortable.

The cons

  • Its relatively unknown and as such might be overlooked

#8. Schutt Varsity Football Back Plate

Schutt Varsity Football Back Plate

With this back plate beneath your jersey, you are assured of all protection that can be accorded by such a great football accessory. It is an adequately wide back plate ensuring that the lower torso is protected. When combined with a good rib protector, this back plate does a wonderful job of keeping you injury free in moments of impacts.

The corrugated aspect of this back plate is another major reason to own this awesome product. This gives the back plate all the strength needed to offer a player maximum protection on the gridiron. This is also a well- ventilated accessory and regardless of the weather condition serves well in keeping the wearer cool and dry throughout the game.

On top of all those perks that we have mentioned above, this back plate’s inner lining is very comfortable and the player can wear it for extended periods of play with any strain. It also proves to be very light. It also comes with some attachments for both high and low points of attachments depending on the height of the player’s torso.

The pros

  • It is a light and comfortable back plate.
  • It is well ventilated
  • Grommets are provided to give more options for attachment.

The cons

  • There are some players who may not find it wide enough for them.

#9. Barnett Youth Backplate / Adult Sternum Plate F01 (Custom with/without sticker)

Custom barnett Youth Backplate Adult Sternum Plate F01, Fits Schutt and Barnett Shoulder Pads

The Barnett Youth Back plate is one of the most reliable among the range of football back plates that are available on the market today. A number of reasons can be cited as to this, foremost, this is a back plate featuring an awesome design that is meant to offer the player the best protection that they can get. This is augmented by good ventilation that maintains the player cool and dry throughout the game.

This back plate comes equipped with 4 grommets for adjustability and 2 pad strap receptacles. Moreover, this is a washable back plate with an easy to remove pad.

#10. Schutt Sports Youth Back Plate

Schutt Sports Youth Back Plate

To cap it all is the Schutt Sports Youth Back Plate. For all of out there who wish to try it out, I can confidently inform you that this is an awesome back plate that offers quality protection when paired especially with a good rib protector.

This back plate from Schutt has been made out of EVA foam of high density which goes the lengths to make this product very cool and adequately ventilated especially when someone is playing for long in hot weather conditions. The fabric and straps of the back plate are unrivalled and offer ultra-comfort as well as protection throughout the game.

When it has been with a good rib protector you will come to find that it is able to fit all shoulder pads and this is one amazing offer to players who will want to change their shoulder pads according to their tastes. It therefore safe to say that with this back plate, a player to one of the best protective piece of equipment out there

A number of attachments are made available and all this depends on a player’s preferences. This a one size fits type of back plate which works even for smaller sized players. The back plate has been corrugated and also raised so as provide the best protection for the value of your money.

The pros

  • It’s corrugated and also raised to offer maximum protection.
  • It’s a cool and well ventilated rib protector.
  • A number of attachments are made available for low and high attachment.
  • It provides the player with very good protection when combined with a good rib protector.
  • One size fits almost all.

The cons

  • This is a youth back plate and might therefore not be useful for players in the varsity level and upwards.

#11. Riddell Youth Power Volt Shoulder Pads with Back Plate

Riddell Youth Power Volt Shoulder Pads with Back Plate

If you are looking for football shoulder pads with back plate built in then look no further. This amazing design from Riddell will definitely satisfy your needs. It comes with black and volt green color and its size varies from X-small to X-large. You can click on the product image to read the reviews from people who are using it.

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