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Best Football Gloves For Sale 2022 Reviews & Ratings

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When a player is in possession of quality football gloves, they are assured of their improvement while on the field as the gloves render that extra grip which ensures that they have excellent ball control. Apart from the unparalleled benefits gained in the handling of the ball, it’s worth mentioning that a player is also assured of protection throughout the game.

That being said, it’s amazing to see how players are gradually discovering and embracing the range of benefits accorded by modern-day football gloves. A quality and an advanced pair to a player is a form of identity in terms of dedication to the game and in terms of throwing and catching balls with ease and confidence.


Top Choices of Football Gloves For Youth and Adult Reviews

Here are the top brands and their best gloves in my opinion:

ImageProduct NameToday's Best Price
Cutters GlovesCutters REV Pro Receiver (Editor's Choice)Check Now >>
Battle Ultra-Stick ReceiverBattle Ultra-Stick ReceiverCheck Now >>
EliteTek RG-14EliteTek RG-14Check Now >>
Under Armour Men’s F4Under Armour Men’s F4Check Now >>
Wilson Adult ReceiversWilson Adult ReceiversCheck Now >>
Adidas Adizero 5 Star 3.0Adidas Adizero 5 Star 3.0Check Now >>
Nike Vapor Jet 3.0Nike Vapor Jet 3.0 (Editor's Choice)Check Now >>

It’s not easy to determine the best pair of gloves out there because it all depends on the types, features, and purpose you are looking for.

Here I have summarized the top choices by football players around the world. I include the features and benefits of each different type of glove so you can easily make your own decision on which one that will suit you the most.

#1. Cutters REV Pro Receiver Gloves

Cutters Gloves REV Pro Receiver -Glove Pair

Cutters have really continued in their outstanding work with gloves. The C-Tack presence has seen these pairs make their name as one of the best-selling gloves. Not only does this exceptional performance-enhancing material increase the execution of plays in a game but it ensures that a player plays essentially better than he regularly does.

When we talk about durability, this is made of sturdy leather which prevents tears from arising from too much use. The materials are designed to be more flexible so as to give the player a nice and warm feeling. On top of this, these Cutters gloves can be washed and even dried using machines. The most attractive feature as you will come to realize about this is that they come in a variety of colors to pick from. This enables players to match them to their team uniforms thereby adding a stylish appearance on top of the amazing feeling when wearing them.

#2. Cutters Rev Pro Special Edition S450-SE, Youth & Adult

Cutters Rev Pro Receiver Gloves, Youth and Adult

These Cutters gloves are ideal for defensive backs, returners, running backs, and receivers. Features C-Tack, ground-breaking optimum performance material for an enhanced grip of the football. Players can be assured that with the wrist made out of C-Tack, their grip coverage is increased in addition to the mobility offered by these pairs. The back of the hand features the Lycra panels which are designed to give the wearer enhanced flexibility and comfort. Finally, these are compliant with the NOCSAE requirements, and this addresses any worry about meeting the set standards by the body.

#3. Cutters The Reinforcer

Cutters The Reinforcer Football Gloves

The Reinforcer gloves are streamlined and the result of this is more flexibility as they are therefore less bulky. The Reinforcer by Cutters’ is a patented and proprietary system providing the best in lineman performance and protection as it allows full flexion of the finger forward and prevents hyperextension of the fingers which above all ensures that the risk of injury is minimized. On the palm patch of this product is the C-Tack material as well as on the fingers to increase the grip offered plus durability. You can also sit back and rest assured that these pairs meet the NOCSAE standards.

#4. Cutters Gloves C-TACK Revolution

Cutters Gloves C-TACK Revolution Football Gloves

This C-TACK revolution is a perfect example of a high-quality product. They are enhanced using C-Tack which increases the tackiness on the surface of the palms. As any football player can tell you, the grip is of utmost importance during a game. A player with the ball ensures that he doesn’t let it go to the opponent’s side and a slip of the hand that is accidental might just let that happen. The C-TACK ensures that such incidents don’t happen as the player using the gloves won’t ever face problems with grip again.


  • Very light and thin for the best comfort.
  • Available in a range of sizes for all ages.
  • Special grip technology featured improves the gripping power.
  • Work well regardless of the weather condition.
  • Available in a variety of colorful designs.


  • They can usually appear as costly to a number of people.

#5. Cutters Game Day Padded Football Glove

Cutters Game Day Padded Football Glove

Cutters Game Day Gloves can be used to catch passes and protect your hands in any condition. They are durable, lightweight, and breathable with a sticky silicone palm that is made to enhance every play. 

Whether you are catching passes in the rain or sunshine, these gloves will help improve your game. These gloves are officially certified for use in NCAA/NFL football games. These gloves are palmless and skin-tight providing you with better grip and mobility than most gloves while still being durable, breathable, and machine washable.


  • It’s very sticky and holds up well
  • Best used for linemen


  • The stitching comes undone easily according to several reviews
  • May rip easily when used under extreme conditions

#6. Cutters Adult The ShockSkin Gamer Streamlined Glove

Cutters Gloves Adult The ShockSkin Gamer Streamlined Glove

With this pair, Cutters teamed with Shock Doctor to provide the ShockSkin Contour Technology to these gloves which ended up taking them to a whole new level. This is for players who are looking for a low-profile protection but have the dexterity, grip, and feel of an awesome receiver glove. The Eva foam that is thin and of lightweight dual-density gives the wearer optimum comfort with freedom of movement making this item a sure bet.

#7. Battle Ultra-Stick Receiver Gloves

Battle Ultra-Stick Receiver Gloves

This Battle pair is constructed from Ultra-Stick which is a high-quality material that makes holding the ball such an easy task. There are other awesome features coming with this product including a hook and loop closure, durable stitching, the Ultra-Stick to catch the toughest of passes, reinforced knuckle protection for durability and the lightweight strength wrist for flexibility. It’s worth noting that in the industry, Ultra-Stick is a material of the highest quality and with quite a reputation. So with these pairs, you are assured of optimum performance in the field.

#8. EliteTek RG-14 – Youth and Adult

EliteTek RG-14 Football Gloves Youth and Adult

EliteTek is a company that has forged a mark in the sports arena for the production of football gear, especially gloves. They have created an emphasis on the kind of sportswear built to enhance the performance of a player whilst the player is kept safe from harm.

These pairs from the company are an impeccable combination of performance and safety all the while looking very stylish as they do the job.


  • Very light and thin for the best comfort.
  • Available in a range of sizes for all ages.
  • Special grip technology featured improves its gripping power.
  • Work well regardless of the weather condition.
  • Available in three colorful designs.
  • Have safety measures to ensure an extra level of protection for the player’s hands.


  • Can be costly to a number of people.

#9. Under Armour Men’s Nitro

Under Armour Men's Nitro Football Gloves

In the industry of sporting goods, Under Armour is one large player with competitive apparel for performance, casual gear, and fan gear. A number of athletes are endorsed by this company in a wide range of sports including snowboarding, swimming, football, etc. We now will delve into the Under Armour Men’s Nitro Football Gloves which are an outstanding piece of an item made by the company. There are a number of great features that come with this product:


  • Extremely durable and very light
  • Made out of breathable stretch material that is woven to increase flexibility and mobility.
  • The perforation openings allow superior cooling ventilation plus comfort.
  • Awesome comfort whilst snugly fitting on the hands.
  • Meets NFHS/NCAA/NOCSAE standards


  • They do not come in too many sizes and color options

#10. Under Armour Men’s UA F4

Under Armour Men's UA F4 Football Gloves

These F4 gloves from Under Armour are in essence the 2014 UA Glove from the F series that have been updated. Under Armour products have gained a reputation for their lightweight and their relatively low prices. Considering the Under Armour Men’s UA F4, you get the following advantages:


  • Considered as one of the cheapest brands in the market.
  • Quite breathable which helps eliminate the sweat arising from wearing them for too long.
  • Extremely flexible.
  • Provide players with an awesome natural feel which gives the player a great feel of the ball.
  • GrabTack palm is stretchy & ultra-sticky, great for ball control


  • They don’t come in a variety of sizes and colors to pick from at the moment.

#11. Under Armour Men’s Alter Ego F4

Under Armour Men's Alter Ego F4 Football Gloves

To begin with, this pair of gloves are compliant with the standards set by the NOCSAE, NFHS &NCAA. In addition to that, owning this sporting accessory ensures a sticky palm as a result of the GrabTack material used to ensure that you have efficient control of the ball. It has superior ventilation as there are perforations all over the palm and this is sure to provide a good feel to the wearer.

#12. Under Armour Youth Boys’ F7 Football Gloves


No one takes the field without gloves. And Under Armour football gloves are built to last and give you maximum control—wherever the game takes you. 

The UA F7 football gloves are light, tight, and sticky—in other words, they’re built for nothing but catches. The long-lasting TurfGear synthetic leather delivers unmatched durability, and the breathable back of the hand keeps your hands cool as you snap up another touchdown. Textured 3D print overlays for extra support and adhesion of your gloves. UA GlueGrip technology makes sure your gloves start & stay sticky providing longer-lasting tack and consistent performance across different playing surfaces. Adjustable closure lets you personalize your fit, giving you the best grip possible when it’s time to go for it all.


  • It has great grip and is stylish
  • There are several colors to choose from


  • They run very small in size. Other users recommend adding a size up.

#13. Under Armour Men’s UA Combat III

Under Armour Men's UA Combat III Football Gloves

With this pair, extra support for the wrist is exerted at the convenience of the user with a Power Strap that is removable. When performing with this glove, lightweight is key as it features ArmourMesh that is under an Under Armour patent, and much as it’s made from a material that is thicker, it still is very durable.

The pros

  • Very durable regardless of the fact that it’s made from thicker material.
  • Features very thin but highly effective padding of the finger on top of the hand which allows the users to have a good range of mobility whilst under protection.
  • It is highly abrasion-resistant.

The Cons

  • A majority consider the colors as limited with poor coding
  • They lack full padding behind the hand.

#14. Under Armour Men’s UA F3 Full Finger

Under Armour Men's UA F3 Full Finger Football Gloves

This one is made from HeatGear which is a compression material that is meant to help a user’s hands be at optimum performance during a game.

The Pros

  • An amazing grip provided.
  • Allows for flawless movement as a result of UA’s stretch fabric.
  • Easy to tighten and loosen wrist straps to ensure wrist protection.

The Cons

  • It mostly is a glove useful for cornerbacks, defensive backs, and receivers implying that other players need to look for other options.

#15. Wilson Adult Receivers Glove with Ribbon

Wilson Adult Receivers Glove with Ribbon

Wilson has been known to provide sports equipment of high quality. These gloves come with a silicon palm that is seamless offering the user a steady grip. The fact that this company’s football is the official football in the NFL means that the gloves they make are surely a good bet.

Everything you need in gloves can be acquired in this item and at a really low price. This is an affordable option and is available in a variety of sizes. This also meets the standards required by the NOCSAE.

#16. Adidas Adizero 5 Star 3.0 Gloves

adidas Adizero 5 Star 3.0 Football Gloves

When you acquire the Adizero 5 Star 3.0 model of Adidas football receiver’s gloves, you will then come to find that the pair comes with a whole Grip Tack palm which is tacky regardless of the weather condition. Also at the back of the hand is Lycra which is of performance grade in addition to its breathability and these items end up offering you fit, dynamic comfort, and function.

#17. Nike Superbad 3.0 Men’s Football Gloves

Nike Superbad 3.0 Men's Football Gloves

Nike’s Football Gloves are famous for their quality. This is the kind of gloves made to control the game. Shock absorption has been made a key function of this item and the revolutionary magnigrip material gives the user quality power of clutching. This also ensures that the gloves are sturdy hence making them last for a long period of time without a lot of tears. There are also paddings on the back and knuckle hand areas which give the user a relaxed sensation as they wear them and reduce stress or strain that might build up on nerves.

Inset strengthening of the gloves increases their surface area meaning that the palm finds enough space for grabbing the oncoming ball.

#18. Nike Men’s Vapor Jet 3.0

Nike Men's Vapor Jet 3.0 Football Gloves

This is a high-speed structured glove using Magnigrip. For lightweight strength and airflow, they also have a breathable mesh that comes under the reinforced structure. Players can be assured that the kind of grip coming with Magnigrip is meant to last and its efficiency is commendable. These pairs from Nike are surely built taking into consideration the optimum and fit in addition to performance. They also meet the NOCSAE/NFHS/NCAA standard.

#19. Men’s Nike Vapor Fly Receiver Gloves

Men's Nike Vapor Fly Reciever Football Glove

These feature Hyperfuse which is a revolutionary technology meant to provide lightweight strength for the user. There also isn’t a cuff constructed and this gives way for less weight and a better grip. The breathability of this glove is enhanced by the integrated ventilation as well as the magnigrip present that offers an excellent grip to the user.

The Pros

  • They generally are very thin which makes them lightweight in addition to providing a great feel of the ball.
  • Many openings have been incorporated on top of this to ensure the hand stays cool.
  • Offer the best protection for players.

The Cons

  • The fact that they are very thin needs to be a consideration that their durability may not be compared to gloves made out of thicker material.

Benefits of Football Gloves?

The question here has largely been if the football gloves really help the player in catching the football. When it comes to catching the ball by the receiver, the gloves give them an edge as the kind of technology that is nowadays employed allows them to give the receiver a better grip whilst providing a natural feeling as they are catching the ball. Let’s now delve into the benefits;

A. For a firmer grip

Having a firmer grip on the ball as the player is making the catch is the gloves’ core purpose. The surface for gripping does vary as there are pairs of gloves that have patches of silicon on the palm whereas others exist with small bumps made of rubber. There are others having some chemicals on them that make the palms of the gloves sticky helping the player to make awesome catches. You can use Grip Boost Bottle to make your gloves sticky.

B. Protection of the hands 

Gloves do accord safety to the hands of the player. Sometimes the force of an oncoming ball may be strong enough during a pass play that it causes an abrasion or even a cut to the hands. During defense or offense as players are down in clinches, protection from face masks, helmets, and from being stepped on is very much needed and gloves do come in handy to provide all the required protection.

C. Weather Protection

Sometimes the weather during a game may become very snowy or even rain and this usually causes a slickness on the ball and hands. This is when a pair of gloves comes in handy to give the player traction for keeping the ball in their hands. There are thinner types of gloves that don’t give the player much protection from the cold but there are thicker types of gloves out there designed to give warmth to the hands whilst improving their grip.

How To Choose The Right Pair of Gloves

First, you need to understand the purpose of the gloves you want to use and the features you look for as you try to make the best purchase in a number of gloves that are existent in the market. To help you out consider the following points:

Tip #1. The technology used for their grip 

As rendering grip to the player is the gloves’ core function, this is the foremost thing to consider before buying a new pair. Nowadays, football gloves come featuring advanced technologies to ensure they provide the best grip there. All these are designed to provide extra ball control by providing essential tackiness on the ball.

Tip #2. The comfort and fit

Well-informed players know the kind of comfort and flexibility in addition to the tackiness on the palm that is accorded by a good pair of gloves. You should, therefore, ensure to purchase a set that fit you well and keep your hands cool and dry as this will go a long way to preserving your maximum flexibility.

Tip #3. Style

A good-looking pair of gloves on top of working well is of huge value. There exists a variety of styles that a person can choose from. The colors can be matched by the players to team colors as a personal fashion statement.

Tip #4. International standards

The most important thing to consider here knowing whether or not the type of football gloves that you will be purchasing are compliant with the regulatory body that you are under or any organizational rules that are set up under the same body.

Tip #5. Your budget

Go for gloves that you can fit into your budget without compromising quality. But if you are also willing to spend go for it.

Some Common Types of Gloves People Look For

  • Football Receiver Gloves – Refers to generally all the gloves used in football regardless of the position.
  • Lineman Gloves- These are primarily meant for players with a specialty of playing at the scrimmage line.
  • Wide receiver gloves- These are purposely built for the wide receiver offensive position.
  • Cutter gloves – These are manufactured by Cutter typically featuring the groundbreaking C-Tack material.
  • Padded football gloves – Made with padding and usually for comfort but the position of playing can also call for these. For example, lineman gloves can be more padded than receiver gloves.
  • Youth receiver gloves – used by youth leagues.
  • Cutters receiver gloves – Are gloves built for the receiver position by Cutters.
  • Linebacker gloves – They typically are built for the linebacker’s defensive position.
  • Custom football gloves – Some stores offer a person the ability to customize gloves to their own specifications and get them.
  • Youth football gloves- Are meant for use by youth players who are in middle school or elementary school.
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