The Top Football Shoulder Pads Reviews and Rating For Youth and Adult

The Best Shoulder Pads For Football Players Reviews

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There are many shoulder pads available on the market and these reviews will help you pick out the best football shoulder pads that are going to improve and protect your game. We’ve also taken the time to break down some important info as well as how to pick out your gear based on position and preferences. Below are the best football shoulder pads for your consideration.


The Top Football Shoulder Pads Reviews For Kids, Youth & Adult 2022

Here are the best football shoulder pads we have found based on our research:

ImageProduct NameToday's Best Price
Rawlings Momentum (Editor's Choice)Check Now >>
Schutt Sports Y-Flex 4.0(Editor's Choice)Check Now >>
Riddell X-Force II JR Varsity (Editor's Choice)Check Now >>
Schutt Sports Varsity FLEX 4.0Check Now >>
Rawlings Combat 36L Check Now >>
Xenith Xflexion Varsity Check Now >>
Schutt Air Maxx FlexCheck Now >>
Rawlings SPTNYF X-SpartanCheck Now >>
Douglas JP32 SeriesCheck Now >>
Schutt Sports Varsity O2 MaxxCheck Now >>
Schutt Sports XV HDCheck Now >>

#1. Rawlings Momentum Youth

Rawlings Momentum Youth Shoulder Pad


  • Built-in clavicle channel
  • Single strap hook-up on size Medium to 3X-Small
  • Shoulder build-up for extra protection
  • Constructed with a cantilever to provides excellent protection
  • Double strap hook-up on a size Large to 2X-Large
  • Designed specifically for protecting youth players at all positions

Rawlings Momentum Youth shoulder pads are great all position youth shoulder pads. It’s a highly rated shoulder pad providing maximum protection to players who have put it into use; this has been huge as a result of the cantilever construction that is used to provide a player with the maximum protection in the field. With a low-profile design that is meant to increase the range of motion and comfort, the pads have everything a youngster needs to perform well and stay protected.

#2. Schutt Sports Y-Flex 4.0

Schutt Sports Y-Flex 4.0


  • Lightweight, all-purpose design
  • Extra protection provided by extended body length
  • Fits all fields of play
  • Dual-density padding and breathable mesh
  • Featuring 7mm vent holes for maximum airflow
  • Adjustable elastic belt

Schutt Sports has created the perfect shoulder pads for youth players. A lightweight, all-purpose design for the exceptional athlete looking for varsity style protection that comes in various styles. The Y-Flex 4.0 All-Purpose Youth Football Shoulder Pads are perfect for quarterbacks and running backs with extended body length to add extra protection at these vulnerable points. This pad has dual density padding combined with breathable mesh and 7 mm vent holes for maximum airflow during even the most intense games.

#3. The Riddell X-Force II JR Varsity All Purpose Flat

The Riddell X-Force II JR Varsity All Purpose Flat Football Shoulder Pads


  • Padded collar
  • Smooth epaulets for low profile
  • Multi-Purpose flat pad design
  • Flat pad design to improve mobility
  • Z-Fit Belts to provide the reliable fit and hold a pad

The Riddell X-Force II JR Varsity all-purpose shoulder pads can be put on by any player and in any position on the field. The wearer has more capability for mobility and extraordinary coverage is also offered to the wearer of these pads. They are fitted with two belts that help in holding the pads. This pad is however recommended for youth players and those at the level of high school.

#4. Schutt Sports Varsity FLEX 4.0

Schutt Sports Varsity FLEX 4.0


  • Fits most players on the field
  • Suitable for linebackers, fullbacks, defensive ends, and offensive and defensive linemen
  • Protects against heat and moisture
  • With breathable mesh and arch vents for maximum breathability

When the game heats up, so does the intensity. And that’s when the heat and moisture come into play. The Varsity FLEX 4.0 football shoulder pad deals with those elements head-on by offering maximum protection for every defensive position, including linebackers, fullbacks, defensive ends, and offensive linemen.

Using the Varsity FLEX 4.0 gives you the same high-performance pads that colleges and pros use. What makes them special is their protective features like a perforated body cushion combined with breathable mesh for maximum airflow, plus arch vents that let you keep cool no matter how hard you play.

#5. Rawlings Combat 36L

Rawlings Combat 36L Football Shoulder Pad


  • Low-profile cantilever construction
  • Great all-purpose pad
  • Single strap hook-up
  • Clavicle channel for excellent shoulder protection

Rawlings Combat 36L Shoulder Pad doesn’t fail at inspiring any football player with its look that is of premium quality and unique. Low-profile cantilever construction provides hitting protection without sacrificing mobility or field vision. The pads feature venti Light pad technology which helps reduce overall pad weight while still providing the same great protection you expect.

#6. Xenith Xflexion Varsity (Large & Small)

Xenith Xflexion Varsity Shoulder Pad


  • Varsity football shoulder pads
  • Low-profile removable front and back pads
  • Spine Protective Plates and Floating Sternum
  • Durable belt style chest straps with strap pocket
  • Cantilever straps help disperses energy from contact
  • Light-weighted Injection Molded plates reserve anatomical form
  • Aware-Flow® Shock Absorbers release air to minimize sudden movement and force

Xenith Xflexion shoulder pads are another impressive shoulder pad that is suggested for all football players regardless of their playing position. This lightweight pad is built to maximize your mobility, thereby allowing you to stretch for that spare inch. Ultra-lightweight allows footballers to keep their steps and stay protected on the field.

#7. Schutt Sports Air Maxx Flex All Purpose

Schutt Sports Air Maxx Flex All Purpose Shoulder Pad


  • Stainless Steel hardware
  • Removable deltoid pads
  • BIOTHANE™ belts create a snug and secure fit
  • Varsity football shoulder pads
  • Triple Shoulder Protection
  • Removable body for easy hand washing of cushions
  • Raised arch corrugations add strength, ventilation, and durability
  • Low-profile epaulets and caps help eliminate grab points

Schutt Sports Air Maxx Flex multi-purpose football shoulder pads are for versatile players that rarely take a down off. These pads offer a combination of the latest in cushioning technology to keep you fresh all game long. A new tactical arch design reduces the weight of the pads and allows maximum range of motion. Recommend for fullbacks, defensive ends, linebackers, tight ends, and linemen. The Schutt AiR Maxx Flex 2.0 All-Purpose Shoulder Pads offer an ideal balance of comfort, performance, and protection.

#8. Rawlings SPTNYF X-Spartan Shoulder Pad (Youth)

Rawlings SPTNYF Youth X-Spartan Shoulder Pad Medium


  • Flat pad construction for youth players
  • Low-profile design provides for excellent mobility and field vision
  • Durable polyester mesh fabric lining with Pro-Dri Plus
  • Pro-Dri Plus material with moisture-wicking and antibacterial protection
  • Perforated EVA foam join together with a strong polyethylene interior

Rawlings SPTNYF X-Spartan Pads give a new look to the traditional shoulder pad and are built having in mind the performance and safety of the players. Customizable Memory Foam clavicle pads give you a personalized fit. It is truly an amazing Rawlings SPTNYF Youth X-Spartan Shoulder Pad.

#9. Douglas JP32 Series Youth (All Positions)

Douglas JP 32 Series Youth Football Shoulder Pads - All Positions


  • Air-Management
  • Great for all positions
  • Single sternum hook-up is great for all junior players
  • An optional rib combo or backplate for added protection
  • Cut-away shell design also provides better mobility and arm extension

The Douglas JP32 shoulder pad is a resilient and very durable type of product that works awesomely well in protecting players in all the positions that they play. They also feature a low profile design which is excellent for throwing, catching or tackling.

#10. Schutt Sports Varsity O2 Maxx

Schutt Sports Varsity O2 Maxx


  • Upgraded padding protection
  • Impact-absorbing cushioning provided by AIR Maxx TPU over the shoulders
  • With Energy Lock Technology that disperses impact and reduces force by locking together molecular structures as they collide
  • Provides maximum shoulder protection by absorbing impact specifically around the AC joint
  • With raised corrugations and 7mm vent holes that reduce the buildup of heat through the ventilated arches

Gear up for the big game with a pair of shoulder pads crafted to stand up to the toughest athletes, making you the hero on game day.

The Varsity O2 Maxx shoulder pads offer upgraded padding protection for heavy-hitting players who need additional protection to deliver and receive the hits. With AIR Maxx TPU over the shoulders, you get enhanced impact absorption. The pad is also designed with Energy Lock Technology, a lightweight, soft, and flexible material with a molecular structure that locks together upon impact, reducing the force applied to the pad.

The ventilated arches with raised corrugation deliver maximum protection against hits around the AC joint, providing an optimal fit and fewer hot spots. The 7mm vent holes also encourage airflow to reduce heat buildup under your pads.

#11. Schutt Sports XV HD Varsity Football Shoulder Pads

schutt sports xv hd varsity football shoulder pads


  • All-purpose
  • High-performance and ventilated arch design
  • Raised corrugations
  • Lightest varsity shoulder pads
  • High-density EVA foam for optimum absorption and durability

Schutt Sports XV HD Varsity Football Shoulder Pads are specially designed to absorb impact specifically around the AC joint and provide maximum shoulder protection. The hook and loop pad attachments can be repositioned or removed to ensure a precise fit and coverage in the key hitting areas. The moisture and heat management system of the XV HD allows airflow to and from the body which allows the skin to dry and the body to continue its natural cooling action. The All-Purpose pad has a longer cut to accommodate multiple athletes playing various positions on the field while maintaining maximum comfort and coverage.

8 Factors to Be Considered Before Buying Shoulder Pads

Are you aspiring to become a footballer?  If so, you should know clearly that you need proper gear for playing this sport because this sport is somehow dangerous. When playing football there’s always a strong chance that you could get injured since it is extremely competitive, and this is why players are required to wear special equipment which is appropriately designed to ensure their protection.

Without them, it would be totally ineffective to try things like breaking hits or tackling and it would also leave the player prone to severe injury. Having the best protection for your upper body is to keep you moving on the football field.

Shoulder pads are vital pieces of football safety equipment. However, not all shoulder pads are created equal. Therefore, you have to consider a lot of things. Here are a few considerations you have to keep in mind before you make a commitment to buy a set of shoulder pads.

#1. Weight

The best football shoulder pads should not be heavy for the user. If the weight is too heavy, even by the slightest bit, they will slow the player’s speed down and steal their endurance as they will be wasting that much-needed energy supporting all that extra weight. Go out and look for designs that are lightweight and don’t sacrifice the construction quality. Compare them to others if you shop simply for generic or multi-position pads.

#2. Range of motion

The players should also be able to move without difficulty. Having shoulder pads without a good range can leave any football player just as prone to injury because it will force them to move in unnatural ways. Having the ability to comfortably and effectively move your arms, neck, and head during a game is essential to every tackle or catch. Shoulder pads should provide the utmost range of motion for players without sacrificing weight considerations or protection.

#3. Rigidity

The best shoulder pads must be rigid; manufacturers have identified means of improving the rigidity of the shoulder pad without adding extra weight. And also the shoulder pads should be flexible enough to let the player move with ease during the game, whether throwing, running, tackling or catching.

#4. Contact Dispersion

When a player gets hit, shoulder pads are supposed to absorb some of the shocks of impact and must be able to disperse so as not to transfer all the force to the body and cause broken bones and/or bruises.

#5. Durability

Durable shoulder pads will not crack or break on harder hits and they will protect your body from serious injury and you will be able to play with the pads for longer periods before you need to replace them. Having more durable football shoulder pads is expensive but look for the perfect balance between price and features to give you the best value.

#6. Quality construction

A football player should ensure that shoulder pads they are going to buy are built out of superior quality so as to hold up under every sort of abuse that befalls it. Not only does quality construction ensure the safety of the player but it also ensure that you do not have to buy a new set each season that comes.

#7. Fit

Proper fit is another critical factor to be considered when trying to buy a set of shoulder pads. If these pads are too loose or too tight you will not only be sacrificing your gameplay but you could end up setting yourself up for potential injury when you take the field. The shoulder pads should allow optimal space for you to have mobility and to freely use your arms to make that last-minute game-winning tackles.

#8. Types

Shoulder Pads protect the body during all the tackles, pushing, pile-ups, and sacks that occur during the game. You can maximize your effectiveness on the football field by making sure you are geared up with football equipment made for your position. Here are some types of shoulder pads that will make it easier to live up to your position.

  • All-Purpose pads
  • The Lineman Pads
  • Quarterbacks pads
  • Defensive backs pads
  • Wide receivers pads
  • Full-backs pads
  • Line-backers pads


Football is full of excitement and action; finding the best football shoulder pads is important for so many reasons. We hope this review will assist you in choosing the best shoulder pads and we would like to encourage you to let us know about your experiences with these pads and if you think we have missed any of you favorites, please comment in below section.

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