Best Types of Football Shoulder Pads

Which Types and Brands of Football Shoulder Pads To Choose

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How To Choose Your Football Shoulder Pad

Here are some things to consider when choosing the best football shoulder pads:

#1. Quality Construction

A player should always have it in mind the shoulder pads they are going to buy are in a lot of ways going to undergo some heavy abuse. They pretty much will get bashed on, pulled, bumped and dragged. This is why ensuring that they are built out of a superior construction quality so as to hold up under every sort of abuse that befalls it is very essential.

Not only does this ensure that the safety of the player is ascertained but they also ensure that he does not have to buy a new set each season that comes. Also, players should develop the habit of buying from brands that are reliable instead of cheap pads as by that they will always know they can always get the best quality value from them, being that the said brands have established themselves as strong companies for the product.

#2. The Weight

When going out to purchase the shoulder pad, it’s of great importance considering the actual weight and effect of the shoulder pads have on your body. If they are of heavy weight, even by a very small bit, it implies that they will slow you down your speed on the field and steal away your endurance due to the fact that they will be wasting much of that needed energy getting to support all the added weight. As a player’s endurance and his speed are very important factors in the game, it’s of even more importance not impairing yourself by purchasing shoulder pads that hold you back in any way. Go out and look for designs that are lightweight that do not sacrifice on the construction quality.

#3. The Range of Motion

Similarly to the shoulder pads weight that you are looking to buy for yourself, putting into consideration the amount of motion range that you will be given allowance to by the shoulder pads when playing is a very important part of evaluating them as well. Having the ability to effectively and comfortably move your head, neck and arms throughout the game is very crucial to every tackle and catch. When even one of those things are under any restriction, this has the potential of completely ruining a good play and no player wishes for this to happen in a big game’s final seconds.

#4. Positive Ratings of The Product

Now, while positive ratings may seem to really be a silly consideration when you look to buy shoulder pads for football, it actually is the exact opposite. Looking at every product’s ratings and reviews that you look to buy gives the player real life knowledge on how they actually work. It’s another thing when a company claims how amazing the product they have is but sixty customers who have used it say that it’s not so amazing.

Classifications, Types, and Brands

Here are some good brands to choose from:

Best Types of Football Shoulder Pads

All Purpose pads

These form of pads have shoulder flaps that are even bigger and go down the body further so as to offer more protection. They have less of a swim which gives allowance for lesser movement as compared to other pads.

QR/WR pads

They are shoulder pads having shoulder flaps which are smaller and don’t go down the body far. This gives a player the allowance for maximum mobility and a wide motion range whilst having very minimal weight.

DR/RB pads and Skill Pads

This also have shoulder flaps that are smaller, but offers more protection as it does go further down the body. Its design is swim cut design which gives allowance for more movement.

The Lineman Pads (Youth & Adults)

These are the pads that offer the player the most form of protection as their shoulder pads are bigger and go very far down his body. Its design isn’t swim cut and thus it does reduce movement.

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