EliteTek Football Eye-shield Visor (Smoke Tinted)

Tinted Football Visors

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Some people prefer tinted football visors over other types. Different tinted visors have different tint percentage which you should know before buying.

Here are some common ones:

Elitetek Visor – 15% Tinted Mirror

This is a light tint visor with just 15% tint compared to the 30% Smoke Tint. This is designed specially to give your visor the tinting benefits without the exaggerated look.

Elitetek Football Eye-shield Visor (Tinted Mirror)

EliteTek Eye-shield – 30% Smoke Tinted

As mentioned above, this smoke tinted has 30% tint on visor, this is why the image below looks darker. The benefits of this is to block harmful UV/Blue light as well as to control light intensity and eliminate annoying glare.

EliteTek Football Eye-shield Visor (Smoke Tinted)

Barnett Eyeshield – Tinted 10% Original Conform

This one has least tint percentage which is only 10% compared to the other visors above. According to their product description, this visor is approved by high school / CIF and Youth Leagues Universal Fit for both youth and adult helmets.

Barnett Football Eyeshield / Visor, Tinted 10% Original Conform

Bonus Tip: You can even tint your visor yourself by using a black window tint roll as instructed in this video:

What do you think about tinting your football visor yourself? Don’t forget to check other football accessories here!

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